Aloe & Oak is a small, local business that sells handcrafted wood furniture and other home accents. The concept behind combining both an aloe plant and oak tree slice references the relationship between husband and wife collectively creating home furnishings together. He specializes in crafting furniture and home utensils from wood, while she creates macrame […]

This project breaks boundaries by pushing beyond traditional clichés with a new age logo that uniquely represents this forward-thinking renewable energy company. Licell is an ethanol fuel company that is focused on advancing its methods of producing ethanol in order to reduce its negative impact on the environment.  Currently, the company uses a traditional method […]

F/Shot is a product and package design for a shot glass set that takes a fun spin on film photography. 35mm. film canisters are repurposed into four unique shot glasses, each one with its own aperture and shutter speed number. The relationship between the paired numbers and colors are meant to suggest that the more […]

This spiral-bound book illustrates the letters of the alphabet, in a nontraditional way. Instead of organizing the letterforms in alphabetical order, they are organized according to similarities in their structures. Similarities between crossbars, stems, descenders, etc. can be seen within the various groupings. In order to achieve precision, laser-cutting was used to create each letterform.

This is the 2020 Spring Campus Recreation Adventure Trip Lineup. It communicates all the upcoming adventure trips during the semester along with the relevant information for that trip. The flat, geometric illustration paired with the many shadows & layering gives this outdoor landscape a unique perspective. There is an implied depth that pulls your eyes […]

Como La Flor is a 10×10 vinyl album inspired by Selena Quintanilla-Perez, the Queen of Tejano music. The concepts for this design were inspired by Mexican graphic design, Mexican mural art, and Selena’s personal style. This album acts as a tribute to the iconic singer, who passed away on March 31, 1995. I was inspired […]

The 2019-2020 Campus Recreation Playbook summarizes the values and mission statements of the department. It also brings awareness to a variety of activities and events offered at their facilities. The concept development and page layout for the book was part of a collaborative experience. I created the cover illustrations and photographed most of the events […]

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