Chabela Fuentes

Aloe & Oak Logo

Aloe & Oak is a small, local business that sells handcrafted wood furniture and other home accents. The concept behind combining both an aloe plant and oak tree slice references the relationship between husband and wife collectively creating home furnishings together. He specializes in crafting furniture and home utensils from wood, while she creates macrame planters and other home accents.

Their target audience is young to middle aged home-owners, which has inspired the overall feeling of modernized tradition for this logo. Traditional metal furniture plates are references with the circular accents. The serif typeface mimics concepts of “the home” like tradition, stability, and comfort, combined with a sans serif to give a clean, minimal look. This project consisted of a primary and secondary logo, along with a submark. The submark will be turned into a metal brand to burn into the wood projects.




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