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Licell Branding

What is Licell?

Licell is an ethanol fuel company that is focused on advancing its methods of producing ethanol in order to reduce its negative impact on the environment.  Currently, the company uses a traditional method of producing ethanol from corn by using a starch-based process; however, it is also researching and refining a newer method which is based on the cellulose structures of switchgrass, corn stalks & tree bark.

 The potential benefits of this method include lessening, even further, the amount of CO2 released into the environment along with decreasing the level of competition for resources between biofuels and food production. Upon refining this process, Licell has plans to implement this method into its own production cycle.


The aim for this branding project was to push beyond traditional clichés and design a new age logo that uniquely represents a forward-thinking renewable energy company.

Logo Concept

The process of producing ethanol completes a cycle. C02 is absorbed by plants during photosynthesis but is then released during the combustion of ethanol. This amount does not exceed the original intake amount, thus making ethanol a biofuel. It is this process which inspired the concept behind the logo for Licell. The predominately curvilinear shapes reference the process, while the semi-rectilinear typeface is meant to create a contrast between the icon and the type. The circular shapes also reference the fundamental values the company has of being environmentally cautious and consumer friendly. The Licell icon is an abstraction of the Switchgrass plant since this is the primary one used in the refinement research of cellulose ethanol. This plant was also chosen over others because it is meant to act as a symbol of the future, which is appropriate since Licell is a very forward-thinking company.

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